Special features

Fax Subscriptions

Despite improvements in email security and the development of e-signatures, the good old fax machine is still hanging in there. Doctors, legal firms, finance providers and insurance firms are just some of the sectors where faxes are still a common means of communication, which is why MyPhones.com continues to offer an optional Fax to Email subscription for Altos accounts.

Altos automatically converts incoming faxes to email as a standard feature, but an Altos Fax to Email subscription is ideal for customers who also want to send faxes and prefer to have a dedicated number for their fax machine.

The Fax to Email subscription will still automatically convert incoming faxes to pdf files and send them to a specified email address, making faxes easy to file and archive as digital records and saving on the costs of fax machine consumables.

Phone Buddy

Altos Phone Buddy is a great little app for Windows PCs and laptops that puts the power of the Altos phone system on your desktop. It is available as standard for all Silver and Gold subscription holders.

Phone Buddy runs in the background and provides instant access to the Altos user portal without having to log on. It also delivers screen popups when new calls, voicemails or faxes come in, and much more besides…

  • Text messages and alerts, with popups when they arrive
  • Instant message chat sessions with colleagues
  • Easy access to telephone directories with the option to email instead of calling or texting
  • A presence feature that shows if you’re available, busy or away from your desk
  • Call Number and Clipboard Dialling, which allows you to type the number you want to call, or simply highlight and copy it to the clipboard from web pages, documents or application screens
  • Integration with Salesforce, Zoho and other external CRM systems

The floating dashboard allows you to keep Phone Buddy on screen, positioned where you want it. It shows your phone activity for the day so you can always see what calls you need to return, what voicemails you need to listen to and what texts and alerts you need to read. The dashboard lets you update your presence quickly, get to your telephone directories (which you can leave open), and make calls. It even helps you divert your phone to another number or voicemail when you’re on the run.

Phone Buddy works with Microsoft Vista SP2 and later.

Time-based Routing

Time-based Routing is available as a standard feature for both Silver and Gold subscription holders.

Time-based Routing enables businesses to configure individual phones and voicemail messages for different times of the day or week.

The schedule will automatically route inbound calls in specific ways for particular periods, eg lunchtimes, out-of-hours, weekends, holidays etc. Companies can use the feature to route calls to specific internal or external phones, call groups or voicemail boxes for each designated period in the schedule, and to create a library of voicemail messages to suit those occasions.

The feature can cope easily with quite complex and sophisticated company schedules, which means that administrators can configure different operating hours for different days of the week and a specific routing response for each individual routing period.


Wallboards are an optional extra available to both Gold and Silver subscription holders.

Wallboards work with Altos’s Call Group function to display real-time call statistic reports including:

Calls overview – the number of incoming calls, answered calls, outgoing calls, lost calls, and the average duration, both a as a group total and by individual team member.

Inbound calls – the number of incoming calls, answered calls, lost calls, queued calls and ring duration, both as a group total and by individual team member.

Outbound calls – the number of outbound calls, average duration and maximum duration, both as a group total and by individual team member.

Queued calls – the average queue time, maximum queue time, queue limit breaches, timeouts and the number queuing now, both as a group total and by individual team member.

The reports can be displayed on a wall-mounted Plasma or LCD screen, allowing the call group members to monitor and respond to real-time performance issues.

The Wallboards option is available at an additional monthly charge. The company (or their agent) is responsible for the provision and maintenance of any screens or other hardware required to display the reports.