Make Altos your own

It's easy to put Altos at the heart of your unified communications packages.

Altos is a SIP-based telephony platform that puts the reseller in control of how the service is delivered. With Altos, resellers have an opportunity to present their own product and, at the same time, rationalise a number of ongoing costs.

How Altos can help you make and save money

SIP Trunks

We specialise in Altos - just Altos. What makes Altos truly special is its patented SIP-based technology. Developed in-house over the past 10 years, Altos utilises best-of-breed standards-based software and hardware.

Thanks to Altos's super-smart technology, resellers are not tied to any individual telecom company. supplies the hosted service, and leaves the reseller free to negotiate the best possible rates for broadband, SIP trunks, minutes and handsets from their preferred supplier.

Altos is carrier-agnostic. Altos doesn't mind which SIP trunk provider you use.  In fact, Altos is currently operating very happily with SIP trunks from 20 different providers, including a number overseas.

Resellers can rationalise their SIP trunk costs in a number of ways. You can split incoming and outgoing calls along separate trunks to take advantage of the best call rates. More significantly, you can consolidate and share your total SIP capacity across all your subscribers, reducing the overall number of SIP trunks you require and their associated costs.

Don't hesitate to ask us for advice on SIP trunks for Altos.

White-label Altos

It's easy to make Altos your own product.

Altos is completely white-label, which means you can name and brand it in your own style. The user portal has a company-neutral URL, which you can brand for your customers, not to mention any network handsets that have display screens.

The right handset for the right client

There is a wide range of handsets fully compatible with Altos, from entry level basic units to all-singing, all-dancing executive video phones. Your phones will need to be provisioned before they work with Altos and we have a number of recommended suppliers who can both source and provision your handsets for you.